From pre-production to mixing and mastering your song, we take care of all the details to turn your vision into a product you’ll be proud to present to the world.


You have an idea for a song and need support so that it meets the specific musical requirements? In close and trusting cooperation, we will transform your vision into a meaningful text and develop a suitable arrangement for your song.


We offer the know-how and creative input to present your song in the best possible way. Together we look at your song and give it a professional sound with the help of synthesizers and effects, for example, to keep up with other productions.


Through mixing, we ensure a balanced sound and emphasize the elements of your track to achieve a professional sound for your production.

With mastering, we give the sound material a quality and enable playback compatibility on as many technical devices and media as possible. This means that your professional audio recording sounds just as good when played back on a small stereo system as it does when broadcast on the radio or played back on the radio.


We support you in creating your DDP image.

A so-called pre-master is required for the pressing of a sound carrier. This is a template of what will later be heard on the sound carrier (CD, DVD, vinyl). In the past, burned audio CDs were used as pre-masters, which were used by the factory as a template. Nowadays, the industry standard is to use a DDP image.

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